Remembrance Day November 11th

David Doughty on Twitter — WW1, a sergeant of the Lancashire Fusiliers in a flooded…

Castle ramparts, clay and mud,
men allied in brotherhood,
trained to follow death’s command,
ordered onto no-man’s-land,
bullets babble war’s refrain —
in relentless rain, rain, rain.

Sweetheart’s letter, cigarettes,
beef, boiled puddings, allumettes
banshee squeals of falling shells,
wasteland in the Dardanelles,
battles for a few yards’ gain —
in relentless rain, rain…



King Richard III’s body found under a car park in 2012

image from King Richard III Visitor Centre website

Shakespeare’s villain — crooked, bent,
a treacherous son of York,
‘deformed, unfinish’d’ malcontent,
the subject of a joke.

Described as evil, harsh, reviled,
by History’s doubtful rumour;
a man whose hands were stained with blood,
devoid of love and humour.

Yet was he such a wicked man?
We have new information



chew it and see

Photo by Ben Lei on Unsplash

pink sun
drawn on the eyelid
of the passionless girl

ink spun
blue-black fibres
from cotton threads

in spunk
tied to the side of the pond
tadpole fry

skip nun
hard on the heels
of the roller-skating child

sink pun
laughing while we stand
by the silver taps



Sep 13

and behaves himself…for now

(image purchased from

Silent by tree stumps, he treads
the hardstar darkness
paw by paw by paw.

Hens squawk at his arrival, new lambs
wail, rats scuttle into hiding.

He is polite, shows
irregular teeth, takes up a plate
with the swirl of a hairy hand, he’s baffled
by falafels, disparages asparagus




Sep 2

and his glimpse of Bathsheba

Photo by Pontus Wellgraf on Unsplash

For air and solitude, a king
ascended from his chambers, stood tall,
stretched, breathed into the light

and she was there,
in his line of sight.

A king ascended,
but it was a man who watched her bathe

and the city was dusty, his mouth
dry, the air full of insects



Aug 30

time, existence and eternity

Photo by Magda V on Unsplash

on a wide street
at the edge of eternity
they came upon Themselves, bright
in a pink cardigan and denim jeans

they were old then and saw themselves young
arm in arm, blonde and blue

two stood still, two walked around
young Themselves spoke
the sound that came out of their mouths…